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shower heads

Shower Heads

An extensive selection of water/energy efficient shower heads are available for hospitality and institutional application.

Flow rates do not exceed 2.0 gpm and will realize a 20-30% water savings as compared to conventional 2.5 gpm models.

Manufacturers of the many styles available include: Earth, Whedon, Oxygenics, Chatham, Speakman and Sloan.

Need LOW COST solutions for your current shower devices?

shower flow controller

Shower Flow Controller

A low cost solution using your existing shower device and is perfect for retrofit providing 20% savings of water and energy.

Easily installed - with a compensating flow regulator providing 2.0 gpm flow rate from 20 - 80 psi.

shower regulator

Shower Washer Regulator

· Pressure compensating flow regulator maintains flow rate from 20 to 80 psi.
· Retaining notches for safe positioning and easy installation.
· Available in various flow rates.

20% water savings at 2.0 gpm
30% water savings at 1.75 gpm
40% water savings at 1.5 gpm